About Men's Voices Ireland

Claiming space in the national conversation for issues of concern to men and boys.
Addressing the injustices experienced by men and boys in our society.

Men’s Voices Ireland is currently focused on the following six issues:

Boys’ Education

Boys are underperforming at first and second-levels. And are a shrinking minority at third-level.

Family Law

Unfair legislation, structures and practices in parenting are devastating men and their children.

Male Suicide

Four times as many males as females take their own lives. And self-harm among young men is increasing.

False Allegations

Men are increasingly the systemic victims of a culture of false allegations of sexual and other abuse.

Domestic Violence

One-in-three victims of domestic violence are men, but their plight is too often ignored in law and dismissed by society.

Fatherhood & Father Absence

In a Nuclear Family, the father assumes three primary roles: the protector, the provider, and the disciplinarian.