Boy crisis in education: interview on Cork 96FM

Cork 95FM interview

David Walsh and Darach Murphy of Men’s Voices Ireland were interviewed on Cork 95FM on Friday, 9th June 2017. David and Darach highlighted how boys are struggling in school at all levels and underachieving in comparison to girls. For example:

  • The dropout rate for girls at second level was 8.4%. For boys, it was 50% higher at 12.6%.
  • Of people aged 25-34, 53% of women have a third-level qualification, while only 39% of men do, a 14% difference.
  • Of current third-level students, only 42% are male, while 58% are female.
  • There are no initiatives to advance male participation and success in education.
  • At primary level, 85% of teachers are female.
  • At secondary level, the percentage of male teachers has fallen steadily from 40% in 2003 to 31.7%.

An eight-page document entitled The Boy Crisis in Education has been submitted by Men’s Voices Ireland to the Joint Committee on Education and Skills of the Oireachtas. Read more here.