Domestic Abuse Alliance takes a Bold Step Forward

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The International Alliance Davia to which MVI is affiliated and which has often been mentioned on this website struck a bold new note last month. Davia has often been critical of the UN for its neglect of the concerns of men and boys but beyond that of families and parents. In particular it has severely criticised both the UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Reem Alsalem for her attacks on Parental Alienation and the umbrella organisation UN Women for its radical feminism. There is of course no counterpart organisation for men.

The UN is just one of many international organisations which has little or no time for men and boys and their concerns. On March 12 Davia protested before UN offices in New York where it called for #GenderEqualityForMen; it also called on the Secretary General to reform “this scandal-ridden organisation”.

Here is Ed Bartlett, Director of Davia, describing the events a few days later:

We just got back from New York City, where we just had an amazing series of experiences. On Tuesday March 12, we had our press conference at the Westin Hotel, and vigil in front of the UN Women offices.

 Then on March 13, we spoke at the Conference on Women and Families with an extremely positive response – see photos and press release, below! Our #GenderEqualityForMen T-shirts were also a hit!

 A big thanks to Zdenek Chytra, Carl Roberts, Jim Semerad, and Jitka Kolářová for helping making this such a successful series of events! We hope to have a video of the events available soon!

These events are growing evidence  of a new, bolder and more confident stance by Davia

as its membership is now more than 130 organisations worldwide and it has a presence in every continent. It issues Press Releases practically every week and many groups now send these to lawmakers in their home countries. Below is the Press Release following on its visit to New York City.

March 14, 2024 – Attendees at the Conference on Women and Family expressed shock and concern regarding the 12 areas in which men are known to be lagging globally. The session, “A More Just Cause: Justice Demands the UN Include a Focus on the Rights of Men, Families, and Parents,” consisted of five presentations organized by the Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance.

The session took place on March 13 at the Millennium Hotel in New York City. The Conference was held concurrently with the annual Commission on the Status of Women meeting, held across the street at the United Nations headquarters.

The panellists made the following statements:

#GenderEqualityForMen: Edward Bartlett of the Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance documented 12 areas of global male disadvantage, as well as the absence of any male-specific UN policies, offices, or programs that address these problems. Bartlett revealed, “Marxist ideology now permeates the United Nations, as revealed by the failure of the UN to respond in a timely manner to the October 7 invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists.”

How the UN 2030 Agenda Weakens the Family: Zdenek Chytra of the Czech Traditional Family Association revealed how the “feminists of UN Women regard children as an obstacle to women’s personal and economic growth.” Chytra concluded, “The UN offers women a false illusion of a better and simpler life based on Communist practices that have not worked in Europe in the past.”

Human Rights Council’s Work Diminishes Child Safety & Well-being: Carl Roberts of Colorado Resilience charged that staffer Reem Alsalem of the UN Human Rights Council “ignores a consensus of hundreds of social science reports, studies, and scientific and government data, numerous laws, and court decisions around the world, that parental alienation is a real condition where children, moms, and dads are often traumatically affected as a result.”

The United Nations’ Neglect of the Boy Crisis: Jim Semerad with Dads and Moms of Michigan documented the global problem of fatherlessness. He requested funding from the UN for a Boys Studies initiative, noting that “the funding and support is sparse compared to women’s and girls’ studies.”

International Petition: Jitka Kolářová of the Traditional Family Association presented an international petition that concludes the undersigned “call for nations and donor organizations to suspend their funding of the United Nations until all UN agencies fulfill their pledge to respect the ‘dignity and worth’ of all persons and assure the ‘equal rights of men and women.’” The petition was endorsed by 69 organizations and over 1,000 individuals.

The five presentations were followed by a lively and at times impassioned discussion with members of the audience, who expressed support for the proposals made by the panellists.

The Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance – DAVIA — consists of 132 member organizations from 34 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. DAVIA seeks to ensure that domestic violence and abuse polices are science-based, family-affirming, and gender-inclusive.


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