International Council for Men and Boys; Attempt to Shut Down Foundation in Spain

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 International Council for Men and Boys

DAVIA has announced that a new organisation is being created. Many of the groups affiliated to DAVIA have a broader range of interests than domestic abuse and violence which  are the original reasons for its existence. Also if it was to initiate a global campaign for gender equality in the area of support services for victims of domestic violence as it intended, it made more sense to include other areas as well.

But as DAVIA grew in membership it became increasingly clear that an organisation with a much broader remit was required, one which would cover all possible areas of male disadvantage.

In March DAVIA  launched the campaign #GenderEqualityForMen in which it listed 12 areas of male disadvantage globally. This campaign was intended to be promoted on social media and otherwise by member groups across the globe who were encouraged to participate.

World Day of the Boy Child

It turns out that many of the issues are closely connected: Those concerned with shared parenting and fatherhood are connected with decisions made in the family courts, as also is homelessness. It became clear that a broader organisation was needed to cover the many areas of male disadvantage and to work for their amelioration. This would also tie in with efforts across a number of countries which work for representative associations for men at the political level such as Norway’s Men’s Equality Commission  and  Mexico’s Citizen’s Council for Safety – Men and of course the APPG for men and boys in the Westminster Parliament. These would necessarily have to be constructed with the broadest remit.

In certain states of the US there are councils which deal with particular male concerns such as Health, Fatherhood.

In the UK the APPG for Men and Boys together with a number of MPs are working to have a Minister for Men appointed.

Ed Bartlett, President, announced that DAVIA was established with three objectives: To enact domestic violence and abuse policies that are 1. Science-based, 2. Family friendly, and 3. Gender inclusive. As DAVIA has progressed over the past 30 months, we have seen that a major obstacle to achieving these goals is a societal neglect of men’s issues in general. Plus, many of DAVIA’s newer members had broader interests, such as promoting fatherhood, shared parenting, and the like.

So in March, we released our listing of 12 areas of male disparity, which was very well received at the Conference on Women and Families in New York City on March 13:

At last month’s DAVIA call, we did a straw vote on whether to establish the first-ever Men’s Equality Month in November. The vote was overwhelmingly positive!

So we decided to create a new entity, the International Council for Men and Boys (ICMB).

The messaging of DAVIA and ICMB will be different:

  • DAVIA will continue to issue press releases that call out the harmful policies of feminists and UN Women.
  • In contrast, the ICMB messaging will be more inclusive and seek to appeal to a broader range of persons, both male and female.

Attempt to Shut Down Foundation

A few days ago DAVIA sent a circular to its members to report a disturbing development in relation to a member group.

DAVIA member “Foundation for the Defense of Battered Men” —  — was recently registered as a Foundation in Valencia, Spain. In response, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) a far-left political party in Spain, is actually trying to shut it down!

In response, the Foundation has set up a petition, in Spanish, on  Many hundreds of  persons have signed the petition, with more signatures coming in every hour.

Here is a translation of the petition;


No to the closure of FundaHOM by the PSOE

The request to close the Foundation for the defense of abused men by the PSOE of Valencia on May 10, 2024 will mean leaving thousands of abused men without assistance who do not have any care service from the State, it will mean closing this channel critical of all Spanish laws (not European or global) that discriminate against men for the simple fact of being born men.

On April 30, Valencia PSOE deputy Rosa Peris said on Twitter that “the Minister of Justice meets with the abusers and gives the green light to their foundation, who are criminals.”

In short, it will mean that the most radicalized feminism that denies our existence as abused men has managed to shut our mouths and that its denialist discourse of the problems we are suffering as men with these unjust and unequal gender laws will continue to prevail in society.

It is time to sign “No to the closure of FundaHOM by the PSOE”. But more important is that you share it with someone who thinks the same.

Don’t forget to confirm it in your email after signing.


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We need funding to continue this work. Even a website costs money to maintain and we also lobby politicians to improve services such as support services for male victims of domestic violence and men who need help and advice with the Family Court system. We are also part of the international alliance DAVIA which is doing similar work globally.

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