Men Too: Domestic Violence Against Men Documentary Launch, The Follow-up

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Above: Lysenko with Stalin, an apt description of the Irish State

The Launch and Press Conference

November 30 2023 was an eventful day for Davia, for Men’s Voices, and for men and their well-wishers everywhere. This day saw the global launch of the documentary Men Too: Domestic Violence Against Men, which was carried by Zoom to member groups across the world.
The launch consisted of a viewing of the film , followed by an exchange  between the film-maker Odette van Rensburg and other members of Davia, chaired by President of Davia, Ed Bartlett, and his assistant  Rebecca Hain. The film featured Erin Pizzey, the woman who opened the first domestic violence refuge for women in Chiswick London in 1971, as well as several male victims who related their experiences. At least one of these was disguised, a measure of the fear of legal repercussions arising out of such commentary. Another issue was the fact that many men in difficult relationships do not recognise when they are being abused such is the lack of knowledge of the symptoms and the stigma surrounding male victims. One such man now over 80 told us that he did not realise he was a victim. The heroic Erin Pizzey suffered grievously for her opinions as she was ousted by radical feminists who did not like her observations about violent women; these feminists were the forerunners of Women’s Aid.

The conference  developed into a productive discussion about Domestic Violence with contributions from lawyer John Davis who has long experience of DV cases and Ed Nelson who worked with police in the US on approaches to DV. Their comments ranged from figures on rates of DV, killings by intimate partners, to suicides as a direct result of DV or false allegations. The conference went on to consider the issue of False Allegations which is another matter of huge and growing concern to men everywhere, one bedevilled by the failure of the law to take it seriously as well as the thorny matter of what constitutes a False Allegation in the first place. John Davis and  Ed Nelson again spoke,  men who have spent decades working on court cases, on investigations and who have written books about their work.

Partner Abuse Vol 3 No. 2 2012

There was also a lively discussion of a related contentious matter, the rate of false allegations of rape and sexual assault, yet another issue which is grey and shadowy, mired in controversy so dense that the rate of false allegations varies from 2% (the one given by feminists) to as high as 77%, a figure given by William Collins in his book The Empathy Gap, and one he supports with figures from official UK sources. Odette has expressed interest in this issue for her next documentary, something all those present were grateful for.

Letter to the Minister for Justice on Gender-Based Violence

Men’s Voices is involved in the campaign to promote the documentary along with twenty other groups across the world and it features on our X @mensvoices_irl account and our FB page We have sought to communicate with groups we know to assist in the promotion and invite others to do likewise.

NISVS 2015

We have done more. We have written to the Minister for Justice and to the GNSPB, the Garda National Protective Services Board which is charged with investigations into DV, to pass on details of the documentary. Not only this we have reminded both Minister and Board of the historic decision made by Denmark last April to allocate equal funding to both male and female support services and have pointed out the huge deficit in male services: in 2022 Men’s Aid received €335,000 from Tusla out of a total amount dispensed of c. €37m. Tusla is not the only funder: others include Pobal, CSVC, Department of Justice and there well may be other state agencies such is the intricate web that the feminists have managed to create. As we put it before, feminists are the world experts in milking every state cash cow with their stories which are without credible evidence.  We lack the resources to uncover the true extent of the deception.

Another matter we raised was the much disputed phrase “gender-based violence” so beloved of the feminists  which is uttered with solemn undertones like an incantation to invoke magic spells, to  point to yet more dastardly male designs, to browbeat opponents and which  is mentioned by RTÉ and their media lackeys at every turn. We have a state agency for Domestic Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, DSGBV, now located within Justice.

As the literature on DV amply demonstrates, further reinforced and enhanced by the Danish  decision, this is an empty  phrase. Domestic Violence is NOT gender-based, it is NOT  gendered; neither sex has a monopoly on victimhood. The infamous Istanbul Convention repeats this falsehood serially. See

Notices sent to Irish Politicians and Media

Men’s Voices sent out notice of the launch in advance with an invitation to participate to all the members of the Dáil and Seanad and to all media outlets, print and electronic, including many local radio stations. We briefly set out the findings on DV, that men and women are perpetrators at equal rates over almost all the different types, facts that are overwhelmingly backed by evidence from the most reliable sources.

No member of the Oireachtas wrote back to say they wanted to participate. We got no response from RTE, the so-called national public broadcaster, or Newstalk or Today FM; nor did we get a response from the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, those who bleat about the importance of a free press but for whom censorship of unpopular opinions is a daily routine. We got an invitation to appear on their morning shows from Live 95 Limerick Today and from Galway Bay radio which we gladly accepted.
The Galway Bay interview appears on the Wed. 29 November morning show on the 10 to 11 slot at 32min 30sec
The Limerick Today podcast for Nov 30 ought to be available shortly. It took place at 11.50am .

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