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Pre-nups: Press release from Men’s Voices Ireland

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In response to increased media interest in pre-nuptial agreements following a nationwide survey of Irish farmers, Men’s Voices Ireland issued a press release on April 24 calling for urgent action on the issue.

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Pre-nups press release (Breaking News, 25 April 2017)

“Men’s Voices Ireland calls on the government and the Minister for Justice to urgently introduce legislation which would make prenuptial agreements legal in Ireland.

“This follows a FarmIreland survey which showed that an overwhelming majority of farmers want to see such agreements given legal standing.

“Concern over the possible fallout on land ownership following marriage breakdown is a big worry for the farming community.

“Men’s Voices Ireland said it was seeing increasing concern amongst farmers, in particular, about farm ownership when marriages breakdown.

“This is an increasing cause of concern for farmers where farms which have been in their family for generations, maybe even hundreds of years, could be lost because of a divorce”, said Mr David Walsh, chairman of Men’s Voices Ireland.

“It also fits a pattern where men, generally, are the losers in family law cases where they often end up losing their homes. It is urgent that the Minister and the Government take action on this situation.”

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