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On April 27 David spoke with Emmet of Resolving Reality on his podcast about recent work of Men’s Voices, the issues of the moment and the difference made by the  Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance, DAVIA, since its emergence in late 2021. This has transformed the scene, brought a new vitality to issues concerning men and boys, and catapulted the many ways in which services for men are lacking into global relief.

DAVIA has been issuing press releases on a weekly basis which are in turn being forwarded by some member groups to the legislators in their countries. It has challenged the narrative on Domestic Abuse and Violence and put the issue of Parental Alienation firmly into the spotlight including at the UN Human Rights Council. It has instituted a #GenderEqualityForMen global campaign and generally made male groups aware of the work being done by their counterparts in other countries. All this has contributed a new energy.

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