Women’s Aid Annual Report 2023, A Critique

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The annual report by Women’s Aid is the occasion for ritual outrage by the media including radio, TV and all the national dailies. The annual report by Men’s Aid gets very little if any attention by comparison and this needs to change.   The issue of domestic violence continues to be  misrepresented as it  has been for decades. There is now overwhelming evidence that men and women perpetrate domestic violence at similar rates, a point even conceded by Minister McEntee herself, but the supports for male victims are pitiful by comparison, perhaps 1% of those for women. This will continue as long as this blatant dishonesty is not called out.

Domestic abuse is presented by Women’s Aid as a simple model of victim and perpetrator, ignoring the well-established fact that more than 50% of it is bidirectional, both parties are engaged. This introduces the added complexity that in many of the  cases logged by Women’s Aid, the woman may herself have  been a party to the abuse and raises  doubts about figures presented here as  clearly one way. Interpretation of figures whether from Women’s Aid or anyone else requires this caveat to be kept in mind.

Child Abuse

A careful reading of the Women’s Aid report is required to avoid false presumptions. We read there were 40048 disclosures of domestic abuse, of which 35570 disclosures of abuse against women and 4478 disclosures of abuse against children.
The subtlety is that this figure of abuse of children is a very partial figure and is far from constituting the total of instances of abuse of children in the home. Abuse of children is such an important issue that it should  be treated in its entirety; at any rate certainly not in the very partial, one-sided manner as here.

While Women’s Aid continue to log abuse of children in specific incidents, it should at least inform the reader that many other cases of abuse of children are omitted here (including the far larger number of instances of abuse and maltreatment of children perpetrated by mothers themselves). This is an explosive issue which is never mentioned by the legacy media but for which the evidence is fast accumulating.
According to the U.S. Administration for Children and Families report of 2008, in 81% of child abuse cases, parents were the perpetrators. All told, mothers were involved in 63% of such cases, fathers in 37%.
This US report is repeated annually and comes up with broadly similar results.

The child abuse referred to above includes homicide. Of child homicides from the 2006 US report, 60% involved the mother either acting alone or in concert with another perpetrator, whereas 40% involved the father. (Figures 3-6 and 4-2).

A large study, Child homicide perpetrators worldwide: a systematic review,
covering a wide range of countries was published in the British Medical Journal by Heidi Stockl et al in 2017. Mothers committed 71.7% of parental homicides of children under one year old. Almost all neonaticides (killing within the first day of life) were committed by mothers.

Women’s Aid makes great play with  the notion of femicide and the logging of incidents. In their 2022 report they even note that “20 children died in incidents  where women died violently” but again they carefully avoid the full truth about child homicide.

The Parental Alienation Issue

Another issue of partial disclosure by Women’s Aid is the manner in which the form of domestic abuse widely known as Parental Alienation, PA, is handled. This is a most pernicious form of abuse of the child (and the other parent) in which one parent systematically denigrates the other parent, with the aim of severing a child’s relationship with that parent.

In fact all the feminist groups including NWC and Safe Ireland actually deny that PA exists or occurs at all and are desperate to do so on a global level.
This is despite the fact that the problem of Parental Alienation has been confirmed by hundreds of research studies, and recognized by laws in Brazil, Mexico, India and most recently Rumania: Developmental Psychology and the scientific status of Parental Alienation, Jennifer Harman et al 2022.

The devious way in which this is treated in the reports bears close scrutiny. Among the types of child  abuse mentioned both in the 2022 and 2023 reports is: Mother-Child bond deliberately damaged by abuser.

In its 2018 report Women’s Aid is more forthright: it says the child abuse disclosed includes “Children being emotionally manipulated and used against their mother including being told lies. ― The mother-child bond being deliberated targeted and broken by abusive fathers”.

Clearly this is Parental Alienation so Women’s Aid does recognise its existence.

Researchers estimate that 11-15% of divorces involving children lead to Parental Alienation.

Dozens of judicial decisions likewise have affirmed the devastating effects of Parental Alienation.

UNHRC and Parental Alienation

In 2023 an attempt was made to discredit PA at UN level. A Report was published by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on April 13, 2023, “Custody, violence against women and violence against children: Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, its causes and consequences, Reem Alsalem”. The report was not accepted by the UNHRC.
Here is a 70 page denunciation of the Reem Alsalem report by PASG and GARI-PA including an impressive group of academics and parent groups.
PASG consists of 900 members in 65 countries. Global Action for Research Integrity in Parental Alienation (GARI-PA) is an international nonprofit organization that investigates and corrects scientific fraud that relates to parental alienation.

Reem Alsalem has been visiting countries in an attempt to shore up her crumbling credibility. In April 2024 in a direct repudiation of her recent visit to the United Kingdom, three public figures made statements affirming the harmful effects of Parental Alienation:

Two members of the House of Lords, Baroness Butler-Sloss,  Baroness Meyer and Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Court https://twitter.com/PAcumbri/status/1783225608660509151

How this issue plays out in the coming years both at the UNHRC and in individual countries will bear close scrutiny.


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