Support the Journey to Equality

For Ireland’s Boys and Men

We are a voluntary body most of whose members are working full-time. As such it is extremely difficult to do the kind of work we aspire to do, namely to be a male advocacy group covering a broad range of issues on some of the most controversial topics of the day.

Moreover, there is an urgency about much of it because we are trying to get debate going on legislation which is imminent and about to be enacted without even cursory examination of its consequences. It is crisis intervention work and we are playing catch-up on account of the long-standing absence of male advocacy groups and the associated neglect.

We need funding to continue our work. Already we are making an impact and there is clear need for a body like ours judging by the number of messages of support we have received.

Our campaign on Facebook is attracting a lot of attention and generating wide interest. Our people are committed despite their own full-time jobs and have done outstanding work.

We would like to have at minimum basic office facilities and capabilities and someone to do research. You can help by giving what you can.

You can contribute to this work via our PayPal account.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to our bank account at AIB under the name: Men’s Voices Ireland, Account Number: 33823070, IBAN IE59 AIBK 933201 33823070.

All contributions will be welcome and put to effective use.