Manhood, Manliness and Their Defenders

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Senator Josh Hawley on Manhood.

It has been a perennial question in political philosophy whether a free nation could survive without soundness of character in its people—without virtue in other words, a word which is strongly correlated with manhood, manliness.

The attack on manhood has been going on now for many decades and the results are clear to see—boys falling behind in school, falling enrolments at third level, high male suicide, family laws which are unjust to men, discrimination in domestic violence laws and support services, men lacking confidence in face of constant disparagement stereotyped by phrases like “toxic masculinity”. In his book “Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs” Missouri senator (and best-selling author) Josh Hawley  addresses these questions and says bluntly:

‘A Free Society that Despises Manhood Will not Remain Free’

Josh Hawley and Jordan Peterson discuss this here

Drawing much of his inspiration from the Bible, Hawley has chapters on the different duties a man needs to fulfil : Husband, Father, Warrior, Builder, Priest and King.

A number of other politicians in the US have also made statements in support of men.

Last August, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida issued a 40-page report about the current woes faced by American men . The “State of the Working (And Non-Working) Man” calls for reforms in education, industry, and more to help marginalized men catch up.

In colleges, countless numbers of male students have been falsely accused of Title IX infractions, resulting in their wrongful expulsion . In response, 21 U.S. senators  issued a strongly worded letter to the U.S. Department of Education charging its proposed Title IX regulation “threatens students’ Constitutional right to due process and the core American value of justice for all.”

Now, numerous individuals and groups are calling for the establishment of state-level commissions on men and boys. In Washington State, House Bill 1270 proposes to do exactly that

The APA rows back

The psychologist Dr John Barry of the BPA, claims that the disdain for men goes much further back, and is the culmination of a movement of at least 150 years duration (read The Bostonians by Henry James, published in 1886 and set in 1872).

“It continues to surprise me that most people seem not to be aware of how uncomfortable men feel when subject to female disapproval” he says.

Barry wrote an article for the Centre for Male Psychology in 2022 which is worth revisiting. It concerns the volte face by the American Psychology Association on its infamous 2019 Guidelines for Treating Men and Boys.

American Psychological Association (APA) Division 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities, or SPSMM) has changed their mission statement in a way that suggests the APA are abandoning – to a significant degree – their much-criticised negative view of masculinity. This was adopted April, 2022.

As of now, the mission of Division 51 is to promote “evidence-based psychological practice and the empirical study of how gender roles relate to the physical and emotional health of men and boys”.

The major changes to the mission statement are that it no longer “Promotes the critical study of how gender shapes and constricts men’s lives”, nor “Endeavors to erode constraining definitions of masculinity which historically have inhibited men’s development, their capacity to form meaningful relationships, and have contributed to the oppression of other people”. Also gone is their acknowledgement of a “historical debt to feminist-inspired scholarship on gender”.

In other words, the mission of Division 51 of the APA is no longer to promote the idea that gender constricts men’s lives, nor to erode the traditional notion of masculinity.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Dr. John Gray is a globally recognised relationship expert, bestselling author, and entertaining speaker known for his profound insights into personal growth, communication, and the dynamics of human relationships. With a career spanning over four decades, Dr. Gray has established himself as a leading authority in the field, impacting the lives of millions with his transformative wisdom.

Gray’s iconic book from 1992 “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,” has sold over 50 million copies worldwide and remains a timeless classic in the realm of relationship literature. More than thirty years later Gray says he wouldn’t change a thing in that book.

Countering some of the prevailing thinking Gray says there’s “no such thing as toxic masculinity. Masculinity is to protect, provide and to serve.”

Here is an interview Gray did with Cormac Ó hEadhra when he was in Dublin for the Pendulum Summit in early January.

Javier Milei again

Argentine President Javier Milei has been creating waves amongst the woke elite since his election late last year.

His latest outburst was at the World Economic Forum where he unleashed a furious assault on Socialism and its correlate Radical Feminism. He explained how feminist-driven “gender consciousness” began to replace traditional Marxist “class consciousness.”

“Socialists were forced to change their agenda. They left behind the class struggle based on the economic system, to replace it with other supposed social conflicts equally harmful to community life and economic growth. The first of these new battles was the  ridiculous and unnatural fight between man and woman.”

“This radical feminism agenda has led to increased state intervention, hindering the economic process. It provides jobs to bureaucrats who haven’t contributed anything to society, whether through women’s ministries or international organizations promoting this agenda,” causing “more regulation, more socialism, more poverty, less freedom, and consequently, less quality of life.” There is more here.

Has any national leader spoken like this before to such an influential audience? True to promise, Milei closed the Argentinian Ministry of Women, Gender and Equality on his accession to power.

Milei’s remarks chime perfectly with DAVIA’s campaign on the need for  reform of the bloated, scandal ridden  UN and specifically the need to discipline that autonomous, semi-independent  fiefdom UN Women.

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