International Alliance DAVIA, Parental Alienation Awareness Day , The Trans Issue

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International Alliance Grows, Bubbles of Love Day with Erin Pizzey

We look forward to the visit of Mannsforum of Norway to Ireland in the near future. They have close links with similar organisations in other Scandinavian countries, including Denmark and Sweden.

As we reported in a previous post, Mannsforum is better placed than MVI in the sense that it gets some state funding while it can also draw on membership fees. This enables the seven member board to pay their travel and accommodation expenses for the visit. They are eager as we are to recover the energy of  face to face meetings after the pandemic put a stop to meetings over the last two years.

We reported back last September-October the formation of  an international alliance against Domestic Abuse, known as DAVIA

International Alliance DAVIA Gains Four New Members

It started in Washington USA with this website. It enables member groups to share articles and information on Domestic Violence in their home countries. DAVIA previously consisted of 25 organizations from 10 countries But now has four new members:

  1. Australia: Men’s Rights Agency – welcome to Sue Price
  2. Australia: Domestic Violence Awareness Australia – welcome to Adam
  3. India: All Bengal Men’s Forum – welcome to Anirban Sinha
  4. India: All India Boy’s & Men’s Forum – also coordinated by Anirban Sinha

While on this topic, we note that April 25 is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. This is now a global campaign and groups around the world are being encouraged to organise their own event to mark this day. We have learnt that ACF, Alienated Children First, is organising an event in Ireland on Bubbles of Love day. This is an online event where internationally acclaimed veteran Domestic Abuse Campaigner  Erin Pizzey will mark International Parental Alienation Awareness day where she will outline why she feels that all abuse including Parental Alienation must be addressed together and not apart in silos.

Why I loathe feminism

Erin Pizzey is a remarkable woman who set up the first shelter in UK for abused women back in the sixties. But the radical feminists moved in, took over her shelter and she was forced out because she had dared to claim that women were as equally likely to perpetrate abuse as men. Her experience with some of the women in the shelters had taught her this.

The victimhood stakes must not be shared the extremists declared; they have laid exclusive claim to this prize and have gotten enormous amounts of money as a result. Erin is now in her eighties but still campaigns.

Tickets are available at

The Transgender Issue: Biological Sex v Gender Identity

This issue continues to generate news in the western world. One of the most recent is a case in Canada  where a nurse in BC is facing a hearing where her career hangs in the balance because she believes passionately in biological sex.

Amy Eileen Hamm says My disciplinary hearing is scheduled to take place from May 30th through June 3rd, and my career as a nurse hangs in the balance.

“Two members of the public had complained to the nursing organization, to the effect that I am transphobic and so might be incapable of “provid[ing] safe, non-judgemental care to transgender and gender diverse patients.”

We regularly read of new cases. Last January Rachel Meade was suspended from her job at Social Work England for posts on her personal Facebook page questioning reform to the Gender Recognition Act. She now faces a disciplinary process which may end in her dismissal.

Exodus from its diversity scheme

Stonewall is a transgender rights group in the UK which has enormous influence in state agencies, corporations and professional bodies as well as at high levels of politics. The Free Speech Union in England regularly reports on how Stonewall can often decide the future of women in the nursing profession who dare to question its ideology.

Despite an open letter from 719 nurses and midwives calling on the Nursing and Midwives Council to disaffiliate from Stonewall, the regulator has refused to do so. Concerns have again been raised about the public health implications of replacing words such as mum with birth giver. Writing in the Telegraph, Suzanne Moore argued against the continuing elimination of words like mother and breastfeeding.

The London Times Pronounces its Verdict

In a very welcome move the London Times is  increasingly critical of woke politics.

Some Months ago the UK government planned to host its first ever global LGBT conference in London on 29 June to 1 July 2022, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the first official London Pride marches. But this event, the ‘Safe to Be Me’ conference, was cancelled due to Stonewall leading a mass boycott over the decision not to ban “conversion therapy” dealing with gender dysphoria.

Stonewall’s Diversity Scheme Has Seen an Exodus of Members

A  Times leader said that Stonewall’s intolerance of any but the most extreme viewpoints over trans issues had “alienated” other organisations along with the general public.

The Ministry of Justice is preparing to leave Stonewall’s diversity scheme leading to an “exodus” of government departments severing ties with the charity, the Times says.

The forthcoming launch of the Free Speech Union in Scotland was recently  the Times’s top Scotland story.

The Times quoted poet Jenny Lindsay on the toxic literary cancel culture in Scotland, saying: “I dearly hope for robust discussion about re-energising Scotland’s literary landscape so that writers and thinkers feel free to explore complex contemporary issues without fears of no-platforming, ostracisation, smearing and loss of livelihood.”


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