False Accusations in Argentina; UN Women Supports Dangerous Transgender Agenda

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The False Accusations Observatory is a non-governmental organization based in Argentina that works on the identification, documentation, and analysis of reports of false accusations.

The False Accusations Observatory, under the umbrella of the Ayudar & Crecer Foundation, calls for urgent action in the face of the growing wave of false accusations that harm innocent individuals and their families in Argentina. This phenomenon not only causes irreparable damage to the lives of the people affected, but also leaves the true victims of real crimes unprotected. The alarming increase in false accusations, evidenced by our records, calls for deep reflection on the current state of justice and the legal system. These must not only guarantee the protection and rights of legitimate victims but also prevent the victimization of innocent people through false accusations.

Summary of the data collected:

71% of the reported cases are people who are directly harmed by false accusations. In addition, a significant 28% of the reported instances come from third parties – usually close relatives, friends, or acquaintances. This situation mainly occurs when the person directly affected has been unjustly detained or convicted as a result of the false accusation.

Our reports reveal that the greatest number of false accusations are made in the context of “gender violence”, followed by

  • false accusations of child sexual abuse and obstruction of child access.
  • These are followed by false accusations of rape,
  • domestic and intra-family violence,
  • false accusations of violence,
  • social media and media public shaming, and sexual harassment.

The consequences for those falsely accused are devastating. The most common include restraining orders, health deterioration, loss of contact with children, unjust social condemnation, chronic depression, and threats of more accusations. Sadly, to date, we have registered 11 suicides as a result of false accusations.

Our records indicate that only 23% of cases went to trial and a worrying 59% of cases have not been dismissed. This raises serious questions about the efficiency and justice of our current legal system.

Gender Distribution

It is important to highlight that in the vast majority of situations, approximately 80%, the party making the accusation does not provide more evidence than their own testimony, which reveals a possible favorable inclination towards their gender.

In a broader perspective, a notable 87% of individuals affected by these false accusations declared that the accusing party was a woman, which provides an important perspective regarding the gender distribution in these incidents.

The overall trend shows that 66% of those affected claim to have enough evidence to prove the false claim. However, 43% of them affirm that the evidence offered by them is arbitrarily ignored by the courts.

These statistical data demonstrate the sad reality of false accusations in Argentina, a phenomenon that is accelerating with devastating consequences. It is essential to continue recording these cases and to work to show society the severity of this situation.

UN Women and the Transgender Agenda

On June 6 DAVIA issued a call on UN Women to renounce its support for the transgender agenda:

The transgender agenda is a global movement that seeks to erase the distinctions between male and female, thereby weakening the nuclear family (1). Recent weeks have witnessed a rapid expansion of opposition by groups and persons from both the Left and Right.

One of the strongest critics is Gays Against Groomers, a liberal-leaning group that describes itself as an “organization of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQIA+.” The group has chapters in Canada, Japan, and the United States (2).

Another vocal critic is British gay activist Simon Edge, who recently derided the transgender movement as “trying to redefine language, reorganise public toilets and changing rooms, kibosh women’s sport and take control of HR departments.” Edge concludes, “Some people don’t think the T belongs with the LGB.” (3)

Trans Diktat Silence

Echoing many of these concerns, Canadian libertarian Wendy McElroy reveals, “Critics of the trans movement are rebelling against the forced redefinition of biology, the destruction of women’s sports by trans athletes, the hijacking of children’s education, the medical experiment of gender-transitioning children, and the intrusion of penises in women-only spaces.” (4)

In the United States, transgenderism has been emboldened by proposed changes to the Title IX sex discrimination law (5). In recent weeks, the stock prices of Anheuser-Busch (6) and Target (7) have plummeted due to their promotion of trans-themed products.

American media personality Megyn Kelly recently affirmed that she will not engage in the “dishonesty” of using preferred pronouns because they constitute a “gateway drug to genital mutilation.” (8) Twitter CEO Elon Musk is more candid in his analysis: “Gender-affirming care for minors is pure evil.” (9)

Transgenderism has been denounced by the Pope (10), Moslem clerics (11), and other religious groups (12). To advance its agenda, transgender activists are stifling free speech and resorting to the use of violence (13).

Despite these concerns, UN Women has issued a number of pro-trans tweets in recent days (14), and published a series of reports and position statements in support of the transgender movement (15-17).

Lawmakers around the world are invited to contact UN Women and urge the agency to immediately renounce its support for transgenderism, or face major reductions in its financial support.

Contact information for UN Women liaison offices around the world is available online (18).

A digression here is appropriate.

Wendy McElroy cited above has been a long-time critic of radical feminism and has not been afraid to engage in debate  with such icons of the movement as Susan Brownmiller and Mary Koss in which she defended the need for empirical research and dismissed the “believe women theory”. In the course of her exchange with Brownmiller on the subject of rape she wrote “one of the casualties of the new dogma on rape has been research. It is no longer “sexually correct” to conduct studies on the causes of rape because— as any right thinking person knows— there is only one cause: patriarchy.”

McElroy’s stance was vindicated by empirical research: A survey of published “studies” on rape found that fewer than one in ten tested hypotheses or used scientific methods.

Investigating Sexual Coercion. Thiessen, Del; Young, Robert K. Society, v31 n3 p60-63 Mar-Apr 1994.

The authors’ review of scientific studies on sexual coercion leads to their conclusions that many such studies lack rigor, reflect experimenter bias, and provide almost no insight into causal mechanisms of coercive behaviors. In the politicized area of women’s studies, social expression is valued beyond scientific progress. (SLD).

One of McElroy’s most recent posts  https://mises.org/wire/committing-domestic-violence-against-men-just-giggle shows she has lost none of her combativeness.


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