International Men’s Day 2018

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Cork IT

We were happy to take part in an event in Cork IT on Nov 19 International Men’s Day.
It was the first time to our knowledge that a third level institution decided to celebrate this day; universities generally are not in the vanguard for such events. Racism, sexism, multi culturalism, feminism, transgenderism occupy all the attention here and straight white males are seen as the cause of all evil in what must surely rank as self-flagellation and self loathing on a monumental scale.

Cork IT surprised us in several ways: it has developed a brand-new campus in Bishopstown with extensive spacious facilities whereas previously it was located in cramped quarters; it has 18000 students, and it is soon to become, in association with Tralee IT, the new Munster Technological University.

Jeff Jones of the SU Welfare office had organised the event, the theme of which was Positive Male Role Models, a theme we hear all too seldom today, which is almost exclusively focused on the negative side of the masculine character. On the wall of the main corridor of the SU building he had posted some inspiring examples of outstanding achievements of exemplary men.
We slotted in alongside a group Males Ireland, set up our stall and handed out leaflets.
Another group here was the Marie Keating Foundation which is concerned with those aspects of Men’s Health which are often neglected.

A hearty thanks to Jeff and the SU for making this event possible. We wish him the best of luck in the future.

Identarian Radicalism is rampant in universities, media and in politics

Peterson at the Olympia

October 21 now seems like a long time ago, as events pile on top of one another in an ever more breathless crazy free for all, but that was the occasion of the second visit to Dublin of Jordan Peterson, a man who has captured minds and captivated millions worldwide in what seems like a one-man crusade against the mind-bending conformity and stark dogmatism of today’s identity politics; Identarian radicalism which is rampant in universities, media and politics.

As on Peterson’s first visit in July, MVI decided to do a leaflet handout at the Olympia theatre which was the venue on this occasion. Peterson was on a tour to promote his book Twelve Rules for Life, which has already sold two million copies. He spoke at length about the lessons contained in his book but also gave some insights into his personal life, including the inspiration he got from his father and family.
Peterson’s latest European tour began in Dublin from which he was set to visit a dozen or more UK cities including Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and from there to head on to Sweden and other countries. Media silence on his tour is only surpassed by the efforts, especially in the UK, to take him down in daunting full-length interviews on the part of the best minds in the BBC and Channel 4. As he said himself, he cant afford to make any mistakes.

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