Men's Voices Ireland Conference 2016

Men’s Voices Ireland Inaugural Conference: “Who Cares About Men?”

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Men’s Voices Ireland held its first annual conference at Wynne’s Hotel, Dublin, on 19 November 2016. The conference was well-attended and featured many expert speakers who spoke on a broad range of issues that impact on men and boys in Ireland today. The conference theme was Who Cares About Men. Here is a list of just some of the speakers and their presentations.

Gender Blind Men’s Services: Tim Dunne

Dr Tim DunneDr Tim Dunne, a Carlow-based clinical psychologist, delivered a presentation in the form of a slide show that was punchy, concise and highly informative. It provided a great deal of information, much of it not known or widely known but very relevant which was very well received. It showed how much material there is on men’s issues which is never discussed in the media but is hugely important.

View Tim’s presentation (PDF).

Family Law Courts: Roisin O’Shea

Roisin O'SheaRoisin O’Shea, founder of Arc Mediation, provided essential material on the state of the family law system as its impacts both married and non-married parents. This was one of the highlights of the day is essential reading for anyone interested in the way men are treated in the family courts. An article appeared in The Journal on the evening of the conference written by Roisin which relates to her talk.

View Roisin’s presentation (PDF).

‘Male-friendly’ Health Services: John Evoy

John Evoy shared his unparalleled knowledge and experience of how and why Men’s Sheds are the huge success they have turned out to be: what is involved, and how they provide a space for men to meet and talk freely which they might not otherwise be able to do. True to his grounded and practical approach, John has made a video of an actual project in one shed.

View John’s presentation (PDF).

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