RTÉ Want You to Have Your Say about Its Performance

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RTÉ is preparing a new Public Service Statement – this will be our commitment to you, the audience. We want to understand what you think about RTÉ and what you want from it. Your views will guide what we will do over the years ahead.

All opinions are welcome, whether you regularly consume RTÉ’s television, radio or online services, or whether you don’t.

So begins a message from RTE to the Irish public, a call to people to tell the station what they think and what they want from it. It is an opportunity for many who feel that their views have been ignored perhaps for a long time to pull their thoughts together and put them down in print and hope that perhaps RTE will actually listen and give them a fair shake and enable their voices to be heard on flagship programmes to which they are strangers.

Men’s Voices has been saying consistently on this website that the voices, the concerns of men and boys have not been heard for a very long time on the national public service broadcaster. Not only that but a deliberate note of hostility is evident in the way issues of concern are looked at when they do come up indirectly as when Domestic Violence is discussed during the pandemic.

We urge all who read this to complete the survey which is being carried out by the Behaviour and Attitudes company.

The closing date is 21 March. Click  the link to make your statement

www.rte.ie/haveyoursay | #rtehaveyoursay

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