Resolving Reality Radio David Walsh of MVI had a wide-ranging discussion with Emmet on a range of issues affecting men and boys

Louth-Meath FM: What issues affect men today and who is doing something about it

Louth-Meath local radio. On Mar 22 2018 David Walsh of Mens Voices Ireland had a wide ranging interview with Gerry Kelly covering education, family law, domestic violence,suicide and other issues

WLR FM: Neglect of men's issues in Ireland

27 February 2018, Darach Murphy of Men's Voices Ireland was interviewed on Waterford Local Radio (WLR FM) on a range of issues affecting men, with a particular focus on young men taking their lives at a rate five times the rate of young women.

Galway Bay FM: Men - Ireland's hidden victims of domestic violence.

22 February 2018, David Walsh, chairman of Men's Voices Ireland, is interviewed on Galway Bay FM on the issue of men as the neglected victims of domestic violence.

Cork 96FM: Debate on 'rape culture.'

On 7 February 2018, David Walsh, chairman of Men's Voices Ireland, was interviewed on Cork 96FM. The subject under discussion was 'consent classes' to combat 'rape culture.'

Limrick 95FM: Rights of Unmarried Fathers in Ireland

On 12 January 2018 David Walsh, chairman of Men's Voices Ireland, was interviewed by Joe Nash of Limerick Today FM. The subject under discussion was the rights of unmarried fathers in Ireland.

Cork 95FM: Boy crisis in Irish education

David Walsh and Darach Murphy of Men’s Voices Ireland were interviewed on Cork 95FM on Friday, 9th June 2017. David and Darach highlighted how boys are struggling in school at all levels and underachieving in comparison to girls.

Limerick Live 95FM: David Walsh Interview

David Walsh of Men's Voices Ireland speaks with Joe Nash on the Limerick Today radio programme on the issues facing men in Ireland today and the need for a male advocacy group. Broadcast on 31 April 2017 on Limerick Live 95FM.

#05: Gender Studies

What is 'Gender Studies'? Apparently, it's all about the 'representation' and 'performance' of gender. At its core is the controversial notion that the differences between men and women do not arise from biology but are 'socially constructed.' It is society and culture that creates gender roles and prescribes these roles as ideal or appropriate behaviour for a person of that specific gender. All Irish universities now offer courses in 'Gender Studies.' But is it really a science - or just a programme of political indoctrination disguised as one? David and James discuss.

#04: Masculinity

James, Sarah and David are joined by fellow MVI member and psychology graduate Darach Murphy to explore the question: What is masculinity? How much of the masculine identity can be said to be inherent, and how much is socially constructed? Have certain interpretations of masculinity hurt rather than helped men?

#03: The Red Pill Movie Discussion

James, Sarah and David discuss The Red Pill, the new documentary by director Cassie Jaye about the Men’s movement in North America. The film was a source of controversy in the feminist community, as Jaye found it difficult to source funding to complete it without being forced to give up editorial control; The film was ultimately crowdfunded on Kickstarter and released to early backers at the start of 2017. The official release of the film is March 7th, 2017 and it may be purchased at here.

#02: Boys Falling Behind in Education

‘Education inequality’ isn’t often thought of as an issue affecting men. However, there has been a disturbing trend in recent years of boys falling behind at all levels in education. The gender ratio at third level institutions now stands at around 60:40 female:male, and drop out rates of boys and men at both secondary and tertiary levels are significantly higher than for women and girls. James, David and Sarah discuss some of the issues as well as what might be done about them.

#01: Who are ‘Men’s Voices Ireland’ and what do they do?

James, Sarah and David introduce Men’s Voices Ireland and discuss why they are involved in campaigning around men’s issues. They also discuss some recent developments including the new legal definition of sexual consent in the Irish legal system. This is our first attempt at recording a podcast so we apologise for some of the blips in the audio.