Domestic Violence podcast on Newstalk

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Recently the Pat Kenny show on Newstalk has been doing programmes on domestic violence. They needed to feature a male victim for the show and put out feelers seeking to talk to one such. It has not proved easy to find men willing to participate in such programmes for a number of reasons, one being that men are very wary of coming forward in case it might jeopardise their current access to their children if they were recognised.

This is no trivial matter and may indeed be a reason why so few men report even severe violence to the Gardai.
So it came about that we at MVI were contacted to help provide a man willing to step forward. Fortunately we were able to do this because of contacts we have built up over years.

The following item appeared on Newstalk on Oct 18 2019; it features two female victims and one male victim. The first victim a woman named  Sarah Grainger is anxious to highlight the fact of male victims as well as female:

The interview with the male is at 4mins 40 sec.


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